Fast Track to Fine Dining

Strawberry Glazed CheesecakeYou’re busy, you’re tired, but you want to entertain. You envision a home where people enjoy great food, inspiring conversation and lots of laughter, but there’s one small detail. You don’t cook. Sound familiar?

It does to me. As a Wall Street equity analyst, I found myself in this very situation, until one day, I decided enough was enough. I needed to learn how to cook. I wanted to have people over, both people I knew and people I wanted to get to know better. Hosting dinner parties seemed like the perfect solution.

So, in 2004, I walked to the bookstore to look for a book that would tell me exactly how to plan and prepare a multicourse dinner party. Basically, I was looking for an instruction manual that would tell me exactly what to do and when. I knew I could follow directions. I just needed the directions.

When I couldn’t find such a book, I decided to write one for all the people like me, who want to have people over to dinner but who really don’t know how to go about it.

I’ve been cooking ever since. In fact, one year my husband and I hosted over 30 dinner parties so that I could test different menus and recipes. That’s approximately one dinner party every 12 days. Can you imagine doing that to your spouse or partner? I can because I did.

Fast Track to Fine Dining is the result of all those dinner parties. You’ll find 16 menus to choose from, each providing all the tools you’ll need. There’s a grocery list to help streamline your trip to the store and a timeline to guide you through preparing each item in the menu. In addition, you’ll know which wine to pair with each course and how to beautifully present the dish. And, best of all, because you prepare many of the items ahead, you’ll be able to get out of the kitchen and spend time with your guests, without having to worry about what you need to do and when.

Throwing a multicourse dinner party takes work, but it’s not rocket science, especially if you’re organized and plan ahead. And, if you didn’t grow up cooking, don’t worry. I didn’t either. I’ve tried to make the recipes as straightforward as possible. If I can make them, which I have time and time again, so can you.

People like going to a dinner party. Although I wasn’t aware of it when I started, friendship is ultimately what this book has been all about: cooking food for friends, sharing laughs, enjoying others, and becoming true neighbors.

So, go on! Get on the Fast Track to Fine Dining and enjoy!


A Step-By-Step Guide To Planning A Dinner Party
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